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5 Ways to Refocus on People

By Jon Patton

Most leaders get where they are because of their strong focus on results and outcomes, but that may not be the best way. "5 Ways to Refocus on People" tells us that during difficult times, it’s important that we make sure the people on our teams and in our lives realize they matter, and we care. Fill out the form at right to download the Practicing Gratitude Starter Journal, and get started today.

Download the Practicing Gratitude Starter Journal for:
  • A printable seven-day starter journal
  • Tools to easily build the habit of journaling
  • Daily reflection exercises and gratitude prompts
  • Thought provoking gratitude examples
  • Inspirational daily quotes
How to begin:
  • Download and print our starter journal
  • Dedicate 15 minutes per day to the process
  • Follow along with our guided prompts for 7 days
  • Be as specific as possible
  • Expand on previous thoughts if they come up again
  • Be consistent - try to follow a schedule
  • After 7 days, print the additional template pages to fill your journal
  • Have fun and become a better leader