Want to Be a Powerful Leader?

Use Stop At Nothing's 4 Types of Power Worksheet to incorporate behaviors that take your leadership to the next level.



Exploring the 4 Types of Power in Leadership

By Cecilia Calderon

Would you describe yourself as a powerful leader? Many surveys show that most leaders believe they have significant power in their organizations. In this month’s blog post, explore the four main types of power to determine which is best for you to drive progress, innovation, and success.

Download the 4 Types of Power Worksheet to:
  • Take your leadership to the next level.
  • Consciously, and compassionately, observe yourself.
  • Reflect, and add your own power-over behaviors to the reference list along with alternative power-to, power-with, and power-within behaviors.
  • Consider your hierarchical power as well as your own personal power - your unique way of showing up.
  • Create the conditions where every individual’s opportunity to exercise power (with/to/within) is maximized in the context of their team, their task, and their performance.